Staffan Julen

Director and artistic researcher and Head of Communications at The Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden. Has since 1983 directed and produced a total of six international award-winning feature films and several television documentaries and short films. Among features: THE PRIZE OF THE POLE, 2007 (DocAviv 2008), MY HEART OF DARKNESS, 2010, LYUBOV- love in Russian, (autumn 2017) together with Nobel Laureate in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich.

Alexey Vakhrushev

Director, screenwriter, film producer, Alexey Vakhrushev has membership in the Russian Association of Filmmakers, Russian Film Directors Guild,and NIKA Academy. His award-winning films gained recognition from both Russian and international film festivals. Vakhrushev is a research officer with Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Center for Audio and Visual Studies). He’s the author of 10 films about the indigenous peoples of the North – the Laurel Branch-winning Kniga Morya (The Book of Sea) and the Nika-winning Kniga Tundry (The Book of Tundra). Vakhrushev regularly makes video projects for the world-famous National Geographic.

Klavdia Khoroshavina

Documentary director, script writer, RF honoured worker of culture, laureate of Russian and international film festivals. Khoroshavina has created more than 200 documentaries about the Russian North, the most well-known being the film series about writers V. Astafiev, F. Abramov and V. Lichutin, Neistovy (The Furious), Beglets iz raya (Runaway From Paradise), Pinega! Dai vody na zhivot (Pinega! I want your aqua viva), Razmyshlenia o russkom yazyke (Reflections On The Russian Language). The scenes of picturesque northern locations in Khoroshavina’s films leave audiences breathless.

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