2019 /USA/ Drama, comedy/13 мин./16+/Directors Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden

A chef at a fine dining restaurant in New York City asks a Mexican dishwasher to find good tortillas.


2019 / Russia/19 min. / 16+ / Director Nikolai Flotsky

arctic open 2019

A misty morning on the White Sea coast. A lonesome fisherman comes across a woman lying unconscious on the shore and decides to take her home. Fascinated by her beauty, he behaves as inexperienced as a child trying to get her to like him. But no matter how tender he can be the woman leaves anyway in search for a new path for herself.

Августа. Сентябрь/AOÛT. SEPTEMBRE

2019/Канада/16 мин./16+/режиссер Ludovic Dufresne

arctic open 2019

Boris, a meteorology student, has always suffered from a rare condition that condemns him to short-lived relationships with girls.


Russia / drama / 19min. / 12+ / Director Dmitry Davydov

arctic open 2019



2018 / Canada / science Fiction, romance/15 min./16+ / Director Mélanie Charbonneau

arctic open 2019

A woman joins a man-astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Daniel is on a mission to scatter his mother's ashes and Claude is hoping for her period to make a miraculous return. A modern tale that captures the fever dream of a first voyage to the moon.

Программа 2 | 1 ч. 33 мин.

My name is Petya

2019 / Russia / Melodrama / 15 min. / 12+ / Director Daria Binevskaya

A mother and her two small children are taken to an infectious diseases hospital one night in winter. One bizzare encounter in the hospital will change the mother’s life forever.


2019 / Russia / 36 min. / 12+ / Directors: Vakhtangi Khubutia, Igor Krasnikov

arctic open 2019

Max, who is finally back home, finds himself in a whirl of events that force him to make a controversial decision.

Adjika Extreme Team

2019 / Russia / drama / 20 min. / 12+ / Director Sergey Tselikov

A group of young adventure-seekers want fame. Every day they do dangerous things and have them filmed for posting online. Things change when a stranger comes to their extreme training camp Adjika to introduce them on a fast, semilegal track to fame. Unaware of the stranger’s plan to play with their ambitions, the guys follow his instructions.

Just Me and You

2019 / Canada / 22 min/6+ / Directed by Sandrine Broder-Desrosiers

Eva (8 years old) and her father are doing a road trip Montreal-Mexico in a big 18-wheels truck.

Программа 3 | 2 ч. 10 мин.


2019 / PREMIERE / Canada, Greenland / 88 min. / 0+ / Director Denis Blaquière

The Arctic is a majestic world. A legendary blanket of ice shelters its rich wildlife, from bowhead whales and polar bears to tiny plankton and algae. At the end of each spring, after long months of darkness, the sun shines for 24 hours a day and all living species gather at the floe edge — where ice meets open ocean — for a feeding frenzy. But global warming is melting the perennial polar ice at an alarming rate and Canadian extreme divers and cinematographers, Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr, are concerned. In 2018, they combined their formidable skills to investigate how Arctic wildlife is adjusting to changes in their habitat. Things do not go as expected, and as they search for animals and travel over the ice, they experience first-hand the repercussions of rapid climate change. The documentary Under Thin Ice tells the story of this extraordinary expedition.Viewers will travel on ice floes with Jill and Mario to Tallurutiup Imanga, also known as Lancaster Sound in Nunavut, Canada, where they will dive with belugas and narwhals in the open Arctic Ocean. They will follow them to Greenland's Disko Bay to explore the underside of icebergs and discover the luminescent world of algae. Back to Canada in the Naujaat region, they will swim with walruses and polar bears, the supreme predators of the Arctic. Filmed in stunning 4K, Under Thin Ice brings viewers into an awe-inspiring underwater world threatened by melting ice and rapid climate change. 


2019 / Iceland / 42 min/6+ / Director Spencer frost

An Adventure surf trip to the Arctic -Film Bio - A Corner of the Earth is a cinematic exploration of surfing in the brutal northern winter featuring aspiring professional surfer Fraser Dovell who is struggling with the harsh realities of competitive surfing. Along with filmmaker Spencer Frost and photographer Guy Williment, Fraser throws himself out of his comfort zone to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The trio journey to a far Corner of the Earth to search for waves in the wildly beautiful and treacherous solitude of the arctic. Battling extremes of weather and close encounters with the majesty of nature, Fraser comes to a new appreciation of what it means to be a surfer.

Программа 4 | 2 ч 02 мин.​


2018 / Sweden/ 44min. / 12+ / Director Tamara Sushko

arctic open 2019

A documentary about St. Petersburg-based painter, Yury Salnikov, who unveils a family secret by discovering that was born in Norway beyond the Polar Circle, not in Vladivostok. During World War II, 1,400 Soviet women had been transported to the Nazi-occupied Norway to work on a fish processing plant. 140 children they gave birth to at that time were sent to Nazi labour camps in Norway. 


2019/Швеция, Норвегия, Финляндия / 78 мин. (3 х 26 мин.) /0+/ 

Режиссер Евгений Безбородов

Pamyat (The Memory) is a series of documentaries (Russkiye v Kirkenese (Kirkenes Russians), Shvetsiya 164 (Sweden 164), Voina i mir goroda Hanko (The War and Peace of Hanko Town)) about people living in Europe and CIS-countries, who witnessed the war and survived it, where they share their views on the events of the 1950s and present days.

Программа 5 | 1 ч. 46 мин.​

67 49 32 СЕВЕР / 67 49 32 NORTH

documentary/ 2018/Canada, Turkey/ 56 min/12+/ directed by Ece Soydam and Mathieu Dumond

Mathieu is a wildlife biologist and filmmaker who lives in the arctic region of Canada. Born and raised in France, he now feels at home in this cold environment, together with his Inuit wife and lovely son. Mathieu’s quest to film wildlife is even more crucial than ever, as the world he loves dearly has already started to change because of climate change.

Northern wind can be warm

2019 / Russia /60 min. / 12+ / Director Alexey Golovkov

Alexander is a hermit who lives alone in the very heart of the Arctic taiga, Yakutia. Amid kilometers of forests, mountains and tundra, his life is an endless survival with mountains as his food store, brook as his fridge and portable radio set as Internet. He never got out of his home place over the last twenty years. But he dreams to make a round-the-world trip one day to see Tibet, Rome, and Australia. But for now, all he’s got is his reindeer, surrounding nature and the dream.

Программа 6| 46 мин.

Palekh - Back on the map

2019 / Russia / 23 min. / 12+ / Director Alexander Abramov

The small village of Palekh is a typical Russian province. Accept for one detail. Every tenth resident here is a painter. For locals the unique art of lacquer miniature used to be their bread and their fame. Times have changed. However, the spirit of creativity still inhabits this remote place. We invite you to join the journey to the unique village of artists.

Чтобы красота не пропала

2019/Россия/23 мин./6+/Режиссер Марина Никитина 

Фильм основан на дневниковых записях Федора Абрамова. Автор раскрывается в фильме не только как писатель и мыслитель, но и как удивительно тонкий художник, умевший видеть и чувствовать красоту в самой обычной жизни. Это и рассказ о том, насколько важную роль играла Веркола в жизни писателя. Племянник писателя Владимир Михайлович Абрамов, живущий в Верколе, делится воспоминаниями о Федоре Александровиче.

Программа 7 | 2 ч. 28 мин.​


2018 / Sweden / 58 min/18+ / Director Valentina Svensson 


This is a feel-good documentary about two people's joys and tribulations in to meet at a little older days and also have a background from different cultures and countries. Russian businesswoman Svetlana and humble Swedish Kurt married and Svetlana decided to stay in Sweden and try to build a future with Kurt in Östanbäck in the little house in the middle of the woods.Unlimited love and serious plans. The honeymoon ended and reality has now captured the odd couple. 


2017 /90 м./Швеция, Беларусь /документальный /16+Режиссер Стаффан Юллен

For several years, Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich investigated Russian people’s relationship of love. Which, she means, is an acute shortage of today’s society. Documentary film director Staffan Julén followed her work and together they depict a process driven by equal parts of political, artistic and humanistic forces. The feeling of lyubov, love, каханне, älskar, amour, 爱, amare, кärlek …is truly unique and shared by all nations. Sweden’s Staffan Julén and Belorussia’s Svetlana Alexievich teamed up for a tapestry of interwoven stories which revolve around understanding. For cultures to understand one another, they need to be able to love. They need to be able to see and listen… 

Программа 8 | 1ч. 37 мин.


2019 / Finland / 58 min/12+ / Director Kira Jaaskleinen

In 1917 Finnish explorer Sakari Pälsi travelled to north-eastern Siberia carrying a cinematograph and 13,000 feet of film with him. The journey birthed a unique documentary film and a travelogue. A hundred years later director Kira Jääskeläinen returns to the Bering strait in Pälsi's footsteps. By combining old and new film footage, Pälsi's notes and the stories of the local Indigenous peoples, the film tells the story of the Chukchi and Siberian Eskimos from the days gone by till today.

White Silence

2019/Russia / portrait Film / 39 min. / 14+ / Director Boris Dworkin

When radio stations were at their infancy, sea-going ships used blasts as a means of communication. One prolonged blast means ‘attention’, one short blast ‘I turn right’, two shorts ‘I turn left’. Series of continued blasts and bell sounds mean distress. Nikolay Ivanovich Yevgenov has happened to witness these series more than once. His whole life has been connected with the sea.

Программа 9 | 1 ч. 13 мин.


2018/Россия/Финляндия/Польша/73мин./16+/Режиссер Алина Рудницкая, Сергей Винокуров

arctic open 2019

The film is set in the Far East on an uninhabited island of Rikorda out in the Peter and Great Gulf. Following Fateich and his family who practice aquaculture farming and produce seafood, this story is about the life of a little man who is so much depending on his surrounding world.

Программа 10 | 1 ч. 22 мин


2019 / Brazil, Dominican Republic, Finland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, USA / 82 min. /6+ / Director JUAN VICENTE CHULIÁ

DANCERS is a documentary about Dance that expands the subject to a global, transversal cultural conversation. Dance as art, as therapy, as communication, as self expression in a film that takes a snapshot of what it means to dance in today's world.

Программа 11 | 1 ч. 27 мин.


2019 / Sweden / PREMIERE / 87 min/12+ / Director Greta Stocklassa

arctic open 2019

If we could build a new society from scratch, what would it look like? The polar city Kiruna has seized this opportunity. Located way above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna was built on a great iron ore deposit, and created a significant income for the Swedish government. However, due to the mining the city has started to collapse and in order to save the industry, the city council together with the mining company LKAB have decided to move the town and its citizens 3 kilometers to the east. In this way, the town has turned a potential disaster into a great opportunity. The new Kiruna will be an even more progressive, even better society for the future. But is it even possible to plan an ideal world? On the backdrop of a moving city, the citizens of the New Kiruna are fighting their own battles. We are following the teacher Timo, a local activist against the moving, the teenage Sami girl Maja who is discovering her family roots and cultural heritage as well as Abdalrahman, a teenage boy from Yemen, who came to the town as a refugee and slowly realizes that it takes more than just a paper to become a Swede. The seemingly very different characters are facing the same questions and as the city is looking for its place. They are starting their personal search for identity, values and a greater future. The film “Kiruna - a brand new world” is a portrait of a utopian and dystopian town as well as a hard-hitting reflection of today’s society. 

Программа 12 | 1 ч. 35 мин.

It's not forever

2019 / Russia / drama / 92 min. / 12+ / Director Evgenia Yatskina, Alena Rubinstein

The film revolves around four orphans, Petya, Vanya, Nastenka and Misha, living in a children’s home. They all dream to be adopted. Their fates are intertwined but each of them has their own way to follow. In the time of adversity they know there is always a silver lining.

Программа 13 | 33 мин.

Голос за безгласных

2019/Россия/Документальный /33 мин./12+/Режиссер Анна Барсукова

Узнав о своём «неприличном» диагнозе Марина начинает искать ответы на интересующие её вопросы. Страшась публичного раскрытия диагноза и осуждения окружающих, все свои мысли Марина записывает в дневнике. Но однажды тайное становится явным…

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