Arctic Open

4-8 DECEMBER 2019


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Mobile Cinema Workshop

The 3rd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN will be featuring Mobile Cinema, a workshop to be hosted by NArFU Technoparkand led by Moscow-based director, screen writer and driving force of Mobile Filmmakers Boris Gouts.  


The workshop welcomes cameramen, screen writers and directors, and everyone who lives in Arkhangelsk, north-western and other parts Russia.


To enroll in Mobile Cinema, candidates are required to make a 60 second video, My Day. The format, genre, etc. are completely up to you. A total of twenty most successful makers will be shortlisted.


Shortlisted candidates are offerred free accommodation and catering throughout the training programme. Candidates will have access to all events on ARCTIC OPEN programme, including the award ceremony (8 December 2019, Lomonosov Drama Theatre).

Boris Guts, Russian film director, screen writer, producer, editor and artist. Boris earned his degree from Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors (school of V.I. Khotinenko, P.K. Finn & V.A. Fenchenko). He started out in 2012 as director of short films Tretiy Lishny (Odd Man Out) and Tvoy Brat Tak Umeet (Your Brother Can Do It). Gut’s first feature film – Arbuznye Korki (Watermelon Rind) – debuted in 2016 and was followed by Window to Europe award-winning Fagot (Fagott), shot entirely on iPhone 7Plus and GoPro and released to general public. His 2019 melodramatic comedy Smert’ Nam K Litsu (Death Becomes Us) has also been shot on an iPhone and received

the top award from the 27 th Window to Europe FF and Best Feature Production award from the Russian Film Producers Guild. Boris Guts is the driving force of Mobile Filmmaker and a co-author of Mobile Cinema Lab, a producership training project he is running in tandem with Maxim Mussel to discover and promote storylines that could be shot entirely on a smart phone. Already two trainee groups have received feedback and gratis support from Mobile Cinema Lab.

“The main thing about mobile filmmaking is that if your story can be filmed on big camera, use it. A smartphone is, in the first place, a tool and may not be a good match for each and every story. But if your message is more about yourself and what’s going on around you, then your mobile phone camera can fit perfectly. Our workshop is for those who want to speak the language of the reality around us. Aliens, robots, superheroes, vampires… leave them up to Hollywood because that’s what Hollywood is about. So grab your smartphone and go ahead”.                                                                          Boris Gouts

Address by lab host Mobile Cinema Workshop Boris Guts  




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