Arctic Open

4-8 DECEMBER 2019


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Film projects presentation: ARCTIC OPEN FF President Igor Ugolnikov’s Uchenosti Plody (The Fruits of Learnedness) and Podolskiye Kursanty (Podolsk Cadets)

ARCTIC OPEN will be featuring Igor Ugolnikov’s two feature film projects — Podolskiye Kursanty (Podolsk Cadets) and Uchenosti Plody (The Fruits of Learnedness), both military dramas re-examining under-reported events in the history of World War II.

Uchenosti Plody (The Fruits of Learnedness)  follows the events of 1943—1944 in the village of Mikhailovskoye, A.S. Pushkin museum estate. The story revolves around the relationship of villager Sergey with Frau Schiller, a professor of literature and expert on the literary legacy of Pushkin. Podolskiye Kursanty (Podolsk Cadets) follows a group of students of infantry and field artillery schools who were ordered, in October 1941, to take up defense of Ilyinsky Frontier and were holding back the enemy until reinforcements arrived. 

The films will be presented during the festival days and will be followed by meet-director session. Viewers will be shown the trailer for Podolskiye Kursanty(Podolsk Cadets). Shooting has been finished by now and the film is being edited. It will premier in May 2020.   

Uchenosti Plody (The Fruits of Learnedness)/Russia/2020/drama/12+

A production by CornerWork Ltd. with the support from RF Ministry of Culture and LenFilm Studio

1944. Mikhailovskoye, Pushkinskiye Gory, the place that witnessed great Russian poet Pushkin creating what has been delighting the world for two hundred years now. Mikhailovskoye is occupied by fascists since the first days of the war. Idyllic landscapes, western culture, and Pushkin’s legacy are settings to demonstration by fascists of their killing power… Villagers are ‘choosing their pathways’. Some join bush fighters and some cooperate with the invaders… There are also those who choose to wait and see. Among them is craftsman Sergei, a talent of exceptional skill. Pushkinskoye is soon visited by frau Maria Schiller from Germany. A professor of literature and connoisseur of Pushkin’s poems, she becomes in charge of Pushkin museum and introduces Wehrmacht soldiers and the local villagers to the poet’s literary legacy. Frau Schiller tries to persuade the military of how important outreach is,  arguing 

that Wehrmacht soldiers, too, should know that Russian sub-humans have a great poet whose legacy belongs to the whole world. Her stance is strongly criticized by German commanders. Ann order is issued by Berlin to remove all artifacts of historical significance from Mikhailovskoye as the front nears. Bush fighters and Sergey, whose relationship with Frau Schiller can be lethal to both of them, can’t let it happen. Sergey decides to retain his nation’s heritage by all means. Pushkin must stay in Russia, even if it means his life…


Sergei Bezrukov (as Sergei Trofimov), Nastassja Kerbengen (as Frau Maria Schiller), Fedor Bondarchuk (as bush fighters commander Bespalov), Igor Ugolnikov (as Antipov), Anastasia Melnikova (Antipov’s wife Liudmila), Michael Epp (as Major Sangler), Anastasia Butkova (as Anissja), Aleksei Nesterov (as Amel), Igor Savochkin (as bush fighter Yegor), Dmitry Solomykin (as Sangler’s adjunct).


Directed by: Igor Ugolnikov
Director of photography: Andrei Gurkin
Screenplay by: Evgeny Aizikovich, Igor Ugolnikov and Natalia Nazarova
Production designer: Ekaterina Kozhevnikova
Costume designer: Sergey Struchev
Make-up artist: Anna Krivosheeva
General producer: Igor Ugolnikov
Producers: Pavel Smirnov and Eduard Pichugin
Creative producer: Evgeny Aizikovich
Executive producers: Bagrat Chalabian and Elena Belkova
Line producer: Elena Zhukova

Podolskiye Kursanty (Podolsk Cadets)/Russia/2020/military drama, history film/12+

A production by VoenFilm Ltd.with the support from RF Ministry of Culture

The film follows the acts of heroism by Podolsk cadets, the students of infantry and field artillery schools who fought fascists in October 1941 near Moscow.
Ordered to take up defense on Ilyinsky Frontier, they and the forces of Army 43 were holding back the enemy until the arrival of reinforcements. The twelve-day-long defense those boys were maintaining against the enemy, whose army exceeded manifold their own forces, took a toll on their lives. This film is not only about the war. It’s about love, real friendship and how boys become men through tragedy and hardship. A total of around 3,500 cadets of the Podolsk schools had been sent to fight on Ilyinsky Frontier… Many of them and their commanders never returned home.


Evgeny Dyatlov (as Colonel Strelbitsky), Sergey Bezrukov (as Captain Starchak), Aleksei Bardukov (as Lieutenant Alyoshkin), Artem Gubin (as Junior Sergeant Sasha Lavrov), Liubov Konstantinova (as Junior Sergeant Masha Grigorieva), Igor Yudin (as Sergeant Mitya Shemyakin), Roman Madyanov (as Major General Smirnov), Ekaterina Rerdnikova (as army doctor Nikitina), Sergey Bondarchuk (as major Dementyev), Guram Bablishvili (as Lieutenant Museridze), Dmitry Solomykin (as Lieutenant Shapovalov), Daria Ursulyak (as Lisa Alyoshkina), Daniil Spivakovsky (as engineer Uglov), Vasily Mishchenko (as Lieutenant General Yeliseev), Gleb Bochkov (as Sergeant Yakhin),
Oleg Ots (as military student Bogatov).


Idea by: Vyacheslav Fetisov and Vadim Zadorozhny
General producer: Igor Ugolnikov
Directed by: Vadim Shmelev
Director of photography: Andrei Gurkin
Screenplay by: Vadim Shmelev and Igor Ugolnikov
Production designer: Konstantin Pakhotin
Costume designer: Sergey Struchev
Creative producer: Evgeny Aizikovich
Executive producers: Pavel Smirnov, Bagrat Chalabian, Leonid Melamud
Production manager: Igor Furmanyuk

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