Arctic Open Movie Marathon offers free access to the selection of films of the eponymous film festival
As the organizers told us, the link to films can be requested on the movie marathon’s VKontakte page or by e-mailing the organizers.

The online selection currently includes six films that had been on the official selection of Arctic Open 2019 FF (Arkhangelsk). Among them are Yevgeniya Yatskina and Alena Rubinstein’s drama This Won’t Last Forever, Sweden’s Frozen Fish, Warm Voices, a documentary about the Russian women who were driven to Norway to be used as workforce during wartime, and Marina Nikitina’s For The Beauty To Stay, a documentary dedicated to writer Fedor Abramov’s 100th anniversary. The list of films is going to be expanded.

The plan was that Arctic Open’s competing films would be shown at the cinemas and libraries in several Arkhangelsk municipalities. However, the threat of coronavirus has forced the organizers to move online. People who are self-isolating can now make the most of them time at home by watching good documentaries and feature films.

The links to films will be available until May 15, 2020. All of the films are subtitled and due consents have been gained from authors for showing them online.

Held in December 2019, the 3rd Arctic Open International Film Festival gathered 120 filmmakers based in Russia, Sweden, Canada, Turkey, Spain and many other countries. Rossiyskaya Gazeta (The Russian Newspaper) partners Arctic Open as a media support partner.

Text by Marina Ledyaeva, Arkhangelsk



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